There are more than 50 little books to photocopy for your emergent readers. These are suitable for Kindergarten and beginning Grade One students. Most of the books are predictable or can be read through picture cues. Some have simple, high frequency reading vocabulary and these will help your children practice the words. There are many holiday and seasonal books, alphabet and number books, and books about the children’s daily lives, and there books to go with your themes, too! These books are similar to the little books that you find on the Primary Success website, in the ‘free’ section. The kids will love them! The children can all have the same book to read, and then take them home to share with the parents.
This is a practical resource for your Kindergarten classroom. There are great hands-on ideas to ensure that your children have an understanding of numbers using visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses. They will learn number sets, shapes, counting, number formation, measurement, graphing, estimating, comparison, patterns, classification, sorting and more. This program introduces simple addition and subtraction. The binder has daily lesson plans, oral problems to solve daily, sheets to practice number formation and recognition and worksheets to practice the skills taught. This program covers the skills required by all the provinces, and adds some skills that will help your children develop math reasoning.