Successful Phonics
Part 2
The second part of this program teaches initial and final consonant blends, long vowels, dipthongs and digraphs. It can be used in the latter half of Grade One for the children who are capable, and it works well in Grade Two to compliment the sight reading and literature parts of your Language Arts curriculum. Successful Phonics Part 2 has specific lessons, worksheets, blending and reading sheets, and reproducible books for the children to read and take home to practice.
The Grade Two Treasury
There are 400 pages of great ideas from teachers on every possible topic of interest at this grade level. There are 44 chapters on everything you can think of: classroom management, behaviour management, reading, spelling, writing, math, social studies, themes, special days and much more. This book is fun to read, and will give you something new to try in your classroom every time you pick it up!