This new program will give you everything you need to teach phonics successfully in Grade One. It teaches the single consonants, the short vowel sounds and the Successful Phonics Part 1 gives you specific lesson plans, strategies for teaching the sounds and blending, reproducible worksheets, flashcards, and reproducible booklets so the children can practice their skills in actual reading material. The children will practice decoding and encoding, so both reading and spelling will be much improved. Successful Phonics is easy to teach, and is explained in simple straightforward lessons so training is unnecessary. If you appreciate the Sight Reading Start Right kits, Successful Phonics is the perfect resource to complete your reading program.

The second part of this program teaches initial and final consonant blends, long vowels, dipthongs and digraphs. It can be used in the latter half of Grade One for the children who are capable, and it works well in Grade Two to compliment the sight reading and literature parts of your Language Arts curriculum. Successful Phonics Part 2 has specific lessons, worksheets, blending and reading sheets, and reproducible books for the children to read and take home to practice.